You need three things to navigate by GPS and they are (1) A network of satellites broadcasting the current time; (2) a receiver that can interpret the signal from several satellites to determine location, and (3) a digital zoomable map to display the current location and calculate routes to other locations.

Until recently the maps and routing information had to either (1) purchased as a complete package for Costa Rica from Garmin, Navsat etc. or (2) downloaded a bit at a time for the area of interest using a cell phone.

Option one was expensive with map and data package purchase. Option two could also be expensive because zoomable routing maps are big and phone data can be costly. Downloading was also unreliable because the most likely place to be lost (the middle of nowhere) was also the most likely place a phone would display no service. Now you can have the best of both worlds for free.

Most tablets and smart watches have built-in GPS receivers and now Google provides an excellent map and routing package for free download. Once you save the Google offline map package you can use your device to navigate even when there is no …

Second OnePlus Factory App Discovered. This One Dumps Photos, WiFi & GPS Logs
According to Alderson, the OnePlusLogKit app can log WiFi traffic, Bluetooth traffic, NFC activity, GPS coordinates over time, power consumption, modem signal/data details, "lag issues," and more. In addition, the app can be used to query for real-time …

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Gwent Police to trial live 999 call streaming
BBC News
Supt Ian Roberts, head of Gwent Police control room, said it was "fantastic" the force was leading the way in piloting "such an advanced piece of technology". 999eye also provides police with precise GPS coordinates, helping officers to pinpoint the
If you need to call 999 you can now live stream the incident you're …WalesOnline

Gwent Police are first force in UK to pilot '999eye' – a phone app that …South Wales Argus

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